Dr. Shari Ough is very popular in my family for relieving our pain quickly. I went to many Chiropractors growing up in efforts to relieve my mom's back problems. Most of the time they seem to relieve just enough of the pain to keep you coming back. Shari was unique in giving immediate relief and, in just a few visits, sent me on my way. She worked really hard to help me recognize my body's cry for help and relieve the stress points myself. Now I can come to Dr. Ough to maintain my back rather than in an emergency situation full of pain" J.M., Richmond
After a fall, I found I sustained more damage than my sore hands and knees. Dr. Ough's weekly adjusments keep me 'tuned' so I walk straighter and do not limp. Stiffness in my neck and shoulders is reduced and my back remains pain free" T.R., Berkeley
I instantly felt welcome, comfortable and in safe hands at Albany Hill Health Center. The entire team are truly committed to working together with you to optimize your health and well being." L.M.P., Albany
I must admit I was sceptical about Chiropractic but after finding no permanent relief from other modalities, I finally thought I'd give it a try. What I appreciated most about Dr. Ough is that she took time to explain the logic behind chiropractic and I finally understood what was causing my back pain and what it would take to fix it. After just weeks of seeing Dr. Ough, there is no longer room for scepticism - I feel like I felt before my accident. Thankyou." M.C., El Cerrito
Dr. Ough is a very professional, thorough and concerned practitioner committed to patient education. She took the time to ensure I was comfortable with everything and understood the cause of my pain and all the factors (including diet, exercise and stress management) involved in improving and maintaining my health." B.S., Kensington
I went to see Dr. Ough when I was pregnant with my second child because I was experiencing lower back pain and wanted to alleviate the pain without the use of drugs. I received regular chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy which not only relieved my lower back pain but I believe it made a difference to the ease of both the pregnancy and the delivery." B.M., Albany
Since beginning my chiropractic care program, both my PMS symptoms and my back pain has reduced markedly and I feel better within myself overall." C.L., El Cerrito
I tell every parent I meet to take their children to see Dr. Ough. My little girl has suffered from asthma for over four years and I have dragged her to see specialist after specialist. I can't tell you how happy I was to throw away all those drugs (and inhalators) soon after taking her to see Dr. Ough." W.H., Emeryville
I have suffered from sciatica for over 6 years and other treatments have given no permanent relief from constant pain and numbness. After seeing Dr. Ough, not only am I pain-free but I am even able to exercise again" E.P., Albany
I originally sought chiro for back spasms. Not only have I not had any back spasms, I also have no neck pain, less headaches, am sleeping better and have more energy." J.L., Berkeley